How Social Media Has Changed Business

How Social Media Has Changed Business

It is fair to state that social media has become a significant influence on how most things are conducted. With the advancement of technology, most people can access the internet, which has increased the number of people who are using social media.

If you are running a business, you may have experienced the influence of social media. We are currently living in a digital era where most companies have a social media account.

It is gradually becoming mandatory for different enterprises to have an online presence, and this includes having an account on various social media platforms.

Customer Service

woman with cardOne of the main ways social media has influenced business is through improving customer service. Customers are one of the main assets to businesses, and without them, most enterprises will not succeed. Through different social media platforms, customers have found effective means to communicate with various enterprises.

As a result of the information found about customers on social media, data has become essential. By reading what customers like, businesses have personalized their services; this has led to better customer service.


Before social media platforms become popular, many businesses were not transparent to their customers and the public. It was challenging knowing what is going on in different business operations. It was nearly impossible to make businesses accountable for the services and the goods they provide.

In this digital era, things have changed for the better. Because of social media’s influence, companies are concerned about what is being said about them online. A comment on a given business on a social media platform like Twitter can help a business make more sales or losses.

Customers can communicate with businesses online, which has led companies to be more transparent when engaging with their customers.


 Internet marketingAnother way social media has affected business is through advertisement and marketing. Many people are using different social media platforms, which provides an excellent opportunity for companies to market themselves and reach more potential customers.

By utilizing big data, businesses can find people who are most likely to purchase or be interested in the type of products and services they sell. This has enabled target advertising and has helped many businesses increase their sale and make a profit.

As technology advances, social media will have a significant impact on many businesses. There are more ways social media is influencing business.

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