Five Things to Consider Before a Tree Removal

Five Things to Consider Before a Tree Removal

Removing a tree from your yard seems like an easy business, but in reality, it is quite dangerous, requires special equipment and specialized skills.

A professional arborist can carry out a thorough inspection of a damaged / problematic tree to determine whether a transfer is needed. Before hiring a contractor, consult the tips below to make sure you make the best decisions for you and your tree.

Removal Should Be Your Last Resort

In many cases, transfer must be the last choice. Well-cared trees not only add value and beautify your property, but also support local ecology.

Not everyone who works on trees is a specialist or certified arborist, so contractors with trucks and chain saws can recommend transfers for any problems when other tree rescue solutions are available.

Tree specialists can often diagnose and deal with many problems that might require cutting down trees.

Professional Tree Cutting Contractor

Compare apples with apples when hiring contractors. There are more than one way to cut down trees, and the costs can vary. Professional arbor experts are widely trained to cut down trees efficiently and without damaging your neighbor’s landscape, home or tree.

Depending on the location and type of tree, displacement is often a complicated matter and consequently is expensive business. If the company only cuts trees at the base, allowing it to fall freely, the costs will be lower, but the potential for damage to your property will be higher.

After a severe storm, there may be a high demand for qualified tree professionals to move trees or to drop damaged limbs. Be careful of people who go door to door offering tree jobs, because certified arborist and other forest foresters don’t do this.


Regulations Regarding Tree Removal

Green trees, bureaucracy. While trees are part of someone’s property, the decision to remove trees does not always belong to the full house owner. Cities and districts can arrange the removal of trees, often requiring inspections and permits before trees can be cut down.

Homeowners’ associations may also insist on approving all transfers. A reputable tree service company will help the homeowner get the necessary permits and coordinate the deletion schedule.

Stump and Wood Removal

Professional tree companies must remove tree stumps, keeping your yard free of old views. When getting estimates, double-check to make sure that the stump is included in the cost.

Most companies will also provide several options to homeowners regarding the wood. Trees can be cut to a size that is suitable for firewood that is left for the homeowner, or wood can be given through chipper on the spot.

Ask your professional about various related options and costs.

Tree in a Neighbor Property

When a fallen limb or tree, unfortunately, can damage more than just the owner’s property. If you are worried that neighboring trees pose a danger, experts recommend asking through a certified letter that the tree must be removed.

If the tree ultimately causes damage to your property, the letter can help during the insurance claim process.

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