What to Consider When Buying a Christmas Dress for Your Dog

What to Consider When Buying a Christmas Dress for Your Dog

While you may be busy finding stores to buy your Christmas pajamas and sweaters for your entire family, you should not also forget to buy a matching Christmas dress for your fur baby. It would honestly look great if all of you in your household wear clothes of the same color and design on Christmas Day.

If you haven’t started surfing the internet yet for your dog’s Christmas dress and your pajamas and sweaters, better start now to avoid last day shopping. You should also target this year’s Black Friday to avail of sales.

Starting early to shop for your Christmas outfit will also help you select the best ones for your entire family and pets. When buying a dog’s Christmas dress, it helps to consider the following.

Right Fit

You may have many options when buying a dress for your fur baby. It will help if you see to it that you get the right size. Your dog will surely feel uncomfortable with a tight dress. It will also restrict movement. In contrast, a loose one will easily be removed, or it will cause your dog to trip and fall. Check for dresses that you can put on and remove with ease.


The kind of fabric can determine the degree of comfort a dress can give your dog. Go for dog dresses with a high count of fibers so the claws cannot easily penetrate the clothing. An example of this is cotton. Knitted fabrics are also comfortable, but your dog’s nails can get easily entangled with the loose threads.


It also helps if you consider safety first. Aside from the tightness and looseness of the dress and the kind of fabric that can cause accidents to your dog, embellishments may also do more harm than good. Avoid buying dog dresses that have accessories, including buttons, knots, glitters, and zippers. Your dog may be playing with them until they fall off. They become harmful when your dog ingests these indigestible materials.


Because you are going to buy a dog dress for Christmas, it pays to consider the thickness and warmth of the dress. This will prevent your dog from feeling the freezing temperature of winter. But if your dog has thick and long furs, a dress that may not be too warm may do.

Because it is a Christmas dress, it always pays to consider the color of the dress. Red? Any may do, but it should match your Christmas pajama or sweater for a more beautiful visual effect.…